VicForests – major certification fail

VicForests has failed a forth time to gain the global forest environmental certification tick. We wonder what other motives they have to continue applying for acceptance when their practices don’t change.

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VicForests fudges the numbers… again

VicForests has been caught out using very dodgy arithmetic to blame the small endangered Leadbeaters possum for its predicament. These were presented to the VEAC investigation and the Parliamentary enquiry as kosher – and too complicated for the average Joe to understand. But their bamboozling tactics didn’t fool Greens MP Samantha Dunn. VicForests is exposed as crooked managers yet again. ———————————————————————————-


The fiction of “it’s the mill or the possum” stands on dodgy statistics such ...

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Will forest shredders stop fires?

Putting VicForests as the overseer of these trials has discredited the trial’s integrity right from the start.

Trials are currently underway to assess ‘mechanical fuel reduction’ in our public forests. The details are sketchy but seem to be based on a US practice of using heavy machinery with mulching/shredding capacity to run through native forests turning everything in the lower and mid story into mulch or shredded material. ...

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VicForests to employ an East Gipp Field Ecologist

We have grave concerns that VicForests is positioning itself to carry out its own surveys in forests planned for logging. Before now it has hired independent expert consultant biologists to do the work – albeit minimal. This recently advertised new position points to this backward move. Pre-logging surveys will have very little credibility if this is allowed.   More importantly the organisation needs to change its criteria for deciding which areas are surveyed and what species are looked for. Currently these ...

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Is Victoria’s native forestry industry worth it at $5 million a job?

The viability of Victoria’s government-owned native forestry business has been thrown into doubt by a high-level analysis concluding it takes more than $5 million of investment in roads, machinery and equipment to create a single timber job.

 A confidential report by accounting firm PricewaterhouseCoopers warns VicForests is “not generating an appropriate return” to meet its stated objectives, including maximising its contribution to the economy and well-being of Victoria.

VicForests takes credit for volunteer scientists’ work

Greater gliders as surveyed by GECO.

UPDATED: VicForests claim spin doesn’t steal credit from GECO

A community group of citizen scientists has become incensed following the release of a statement by VicForests that appears to claim their work for its own.

A Gippsland-based group of citizen scientists claim VicForests has attempted to take credit for its work in protecting the habitats of nine ...

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Hollow effort VicForests

In the 50 years since Leadbeaters possum was rediscovered, logging has destroyed more than 50% of the forests that were the possums habitat. Leadbeaters possum now lives in an area in the Central Highlands that has about 25 million trees.

In their latest cynical publicity stunt, Vicforests have created artificial hollows in 78 of these trees or 0.0003% of the trees in the LBP habitat area. To gullible ...

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Is VicForests Critically endangered?

In early April, VicForests decided to move from Healesville to a cheap prefab in Woori Yallock. They’ll take 30 staff there including some from Melbourne. They’ve been cutting corners and fat to save money for ages and this is the latest move – cheaper rent in Woori Yallock than Bourke St.

CEO, Robert Green said the move would be “…contributing to the local economy”, and he said there was space enough to expand their staff. Funny, as they’ve been contracting ever ...

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Demystifying sustainability

Environmental scientist and author Haydn Washington just published a book called Demystifying Sustainability. Much has been said about sustainability, but what does it all mean? Haydn Washington aims to demystify sustainability, so that the lay person can understand what the issues are.

Listen on the ABC website


David Fisher: Some words become fashionable. They get overused. Usually in the wrong places, and completely lose their meaning. That’s awesome!…  Another overused word has to be sustainable. Well, our ...

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Managing Victoria’s Native Forest Timber Resources

This audit examined whether Victoria’s native forest timber resources on public land are being managed productively and sustainably.

The Department of Environment and Primary Industries (DEPI), VicForests and the Department of Treasury and Finance are managing the timber resources in a productive way that delivers socio-economic benefits to regional communities. VicForests has demonstrated that its commercial decisions balance the need forlong-term economic returns with the need to support a sustainable industry.

DEPI and VicForests demonstrate many environmentally, socially and ...

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