In 2009, EEG decided to roll out the big guns and sue the government for breaking its own laws. This set a major precedent allowing environment groups to sue the government .So far we have been successful with six legal challenges and with the financial support of the public we intend to continue suing those who illegally vandalise our forests.

The legal cases

There are currently two legal cases going on against the government and its logging agency VicForests. They challenge the legitimacy of the RFAs and the legal requirement for more old growth to be protected in reserves.

Yet another legal case is being prepared for a hearing in Melbourne’s Supreme Court in December 2018

The first case concerns the overlogging ...

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VicForests agrees to court orders

After EEG launched a 10 month Supreme Court battle, the government’s logging agency VicForests, has agreed to await further surveys and put in place protections for wildlife and plants before logging. The court orders made on 23rd December detail VicForests obligations regarding the high value forests.

It’s great that VicForests has finally agreed to consider the six important values that were discovered in the Kuark forests. In January and February, our lawyers at Environmental Justice Australia asked VicForests to halt logging ...

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Kuark Forests too precious to lose! Please help our legal case.

EEG and our legal team at Environmental Justice Australia have been preparing this case since February. It’s exhausting, but exciting. We can’t skimp on legal power or expert evidence. With so much of Victoria’s forested environment and native species under escalating threat, this case is critical.

We need mountains of support and we’d love you to be part of our efforts. We must raise the funds needed to give this case our best shot.

If we win, we’ll make history in the ...

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The plan to prepare plans – the end is nigh

Having a list of rare and endangered species is not much good if there is no binding plan to protect them.

The Long nosed Potoroo (Potorous tridactylus tridactyl)

As a result of the legal proceedings initiated in the Supreme Court on 21 May 2013 by EDO on behalf of EEG, the then environment Department, DEPI, agreed to immediately prepare protection plans called Action ...

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Bigger than Brown Mountain!

Our Supreme Court case against VicForests did not settle at court-ordered mediation on 24th August. EEG and our team of excellent lawyers were planning to be back in the Melbourne Supreme Court again on October 26th to again argue the case.

BUT the Court adjourned our case due to ongoing DELWP investigations and VicForests recent disclosure of new documents. We will be heading off to the Melbourne ...

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Forests Forever 2016 – Brown Mountain visit