East Gippsland is now reluctantly seeing mining companies move in with controversial plans to destroy communities and their water supplies.

Half the world’s ecosystems at risk from habitat loss, and Australia is one of the worst

Habitat loss is the most insidious of all threats facing land-living wildlife, and protected areas like national parks are one of the best ways to combat the destruction. But in research published recently in Conversation Letters, we show that in some places the pace of protected areas isn’t keeping up with the losses.

We found that since 1992, an area of natural habitat two-thirds the size of Australia has been converted to human use (such as farms, logging or cities). Half ...

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Victorian unconventional gas exploration ban to end fracking and CSG extraction

Key points: Legislation will permanently ban development, production of all unconventional gas in Victoria Moratorium on conventional gas extraction to be extended until 2020 Government says ban will protect Victoria’s agriculture sector
The Victorian Government is introducing legislation to permanently ban exploration and development of unconventional gas in the state, including coal seam gas and fracking.

The legislation — the first of its kind in Australia — will be introduced into State Parliament later this year.

Premier Daniel ...

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Victoria the promised (mining) land

Mining in Australia is a rogue industry that feels it can ride roughshod over the people of regional Australia. The Australian mining industry has sold out their own nation, they have picked clean the easy to get mineral deposits, they have destroyed communities and environment and have pilfered away and sent offshore the wealth of all Australians.

The near surface rich deposits are depleted and an accelerated decline ...

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Uncertain future for the Eden chipmill

The export woodchip mill at Eden, SEFE, reneged on its deal to let iron ore transported from Nowa Nowa in East Gippsland be shipped from their woodchip loading facilties. This is a sign that it’s not looking good for either nasty project now.

Eastern Iron’s media release says:“SEFE has now advised that its Japanese shareholders, … have decided not to enter into an agreement with Eastern Iron thereby denying ...

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NOWA NOWA – the new Pilbara of the South?

An iron ore mine planned for the forests 7 km north of Nowa Nowa (east of Lakes Entrance) would have a 25 ha open cut mine plus much larger mine infrastructure footprint and three tailings dams. It would have a major impact on the Gippsland Lakes, a Ramsar listed wetland, the underground aquifers, the forest, local roads and the tourism industry.

The Environmental Effects Statement has been described as a whitewash, and it appears as though the government and shire are ...

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Nowa Nowa iron project

Gippsland Iron Pty Ltd (a wholly owned subsidiary of Eastern Iron Limited) is planning to develop and operate the Nowa Nowa Iron Project (known as the Five Mile Deposit).

Some salient points about this proposal:

It will be on public land (state forest to the north of Nowa Nowa) It will be an open cut mine and the footprint of the actual mine will be approximately 25 hectares approximately 146 hectares of land will be cleared The mine will operate 24 hours a day, 7 ...

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$11M Nowa Nowa highway upgrade helps proposed mine.

The state budget has allocated $11M over the next 3 years to upgrade the Princes Hwy from Nowa Nowa to Orbost. Now this wouldn’t be to assist the mining company that’s requiring a speedy route to the Eden wharf would it? Iron Ore truck

Nah –just coincidence we’re sure. 

Read more about the Nowa Nowa iron project here————-

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Nowa Nowa landholders say iron ore mine approval is rushed

Mining company Eastern Iron has been granted a licensce from the State Government to mine for iron ore seven kilometres north of Nowa Nowa. Members of the Wairewa and District Landcare Group say the project is being rushed through approvals and are worried about its viability.

The company has released is preparing a environment effects statement (EES) in order to get the final go ahead to mine.

The studies contributing to the company’s EES are available on the Department of Transport, Planning ...

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Dredging of the outlet at Lakes Entrance

Killing the Lakes with salt – for the offshore oil and gas industry. whats-killing-our-lakes

Lakes Entrance has once again been dug out to a depth that is killing the ecosystem of this Ramsar listed wetland and internationally renowned chain of coastal freshwater lakes. For the expedience of the offshore oil and gas industry, the Lakes are being left to die.

For 120 years the entrance to the chain of lakes ...

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