Uncertain future for the Eden chipmill

The export woodchip mill at Eden, SEFE, reneged on its deal to let iron ore transported from Nowa Nowa in East Gippsland be shipped from their woodchip loading facilties. This is a sign that it’s not looking good for either nasty project now.

Eastern Iron’s media release says:
“SEFE has now advised that its Japanese shareholders, … have decided not to enter into an agreement with Eastern Iron thereby denying use of the SEFE facility.

SEFE further advised that the Japanese shareholders were unable to make any positive decision for Eastern Iron’s use of the site prior to them making a decision on the future of the SEFE operation itself. This could leave the door open for future use of the site by Eastern Iron once these plans are finalised, however, no timetable for this decision was provided.”

The full media release is here

This new port customer would have helped the chipmill out financially. But the Japanese owners have decided that the future is so shaky they won’t commit to this income!

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