Here is a selection of EEG’s many submissions to government processes over the years. This ‘consultation’ has become a sham which legitimises what the government planned to do all along regardless of what the public think. However, it is a good record of the issues they rarely address.

Deer management in Victoria

Comments on the Draft Deer Management Strategy 2nd November 2018 EEG represents 350 members and over 1000 supporters and has been active in the East Gippsland region for 35 years. Our members have also witnessed a dramatic rise in deer numbers and have experienced the damage. We welcome a state strategy to reduce their numbers …

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RFAs need to be terminated

EEG has submitted comments to the farcically late 5 yearly review of RFA (26 Jan 2018). We say they must be terminated. The Regional Forest Agreements cost us $300 million dollars to pretend the forest battle had been solved by ‘balancing all values’. They have failed on almost every environmental promise, but for 20 years …

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EEG submission to RFA renewal plan

 EEG has once again told the government why the RFA is really Sweet FA. As we and many others have over the last 20 years of their sham ‘consultation’ processes. Despite 20 years of slaughtering our forests, plans are afoot to renew this legal obliteration for another two decades despite there being very little forest …

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