Give your vote more teeth!

The major parties would prefer voters did not know how the voting system works. It can be used to great effect rather than believing that a vote 1 for a smaller party or independent, is a ‘wasted vote’. That’s why it is never taught in schools or provided to the general public as other key information is such as bushfire or ...

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Are you helping destroy native forests by eating greenhouse tomatoes?

In the Strathbogie forests northeast of Melbourne, Murphy Fresh, a hydroponic tomato farm at Bridge Creek is buying up to 10,000 tons of native forest logs a year to chip and burn to heat their greenhouses.

Boycott Flavorite tomatoes

Murphy Fresh will be one of the largest, tomato grower in Australia when their new greenhouse is completed. They sell through Flavorite. Until recently they have been grown in heated environments using briquettes. This has not ...

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Plastic bags = bad news

Even if you ‘reuse’ your throw away plastic bags, we should all adopt the habit of avoiding them whenever possible.

Plastic bags You see the difference a turtle doesn'tThey are another growing crisis: plastic pollution in our oceans. Plastic litter in our waterways, on our beaches and in the ocean is deadly for nearly 300 marine species, including sea turtles, whales, seals, fish, corals and seabirds. Hundreds of thousands ...

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Population – the taboo topic

Everyone alive contributes to the environmental degradation of the world. Those in developed countries like Australia have a larger impact, even while trying to practice a low-impact lifestyle.

Dr Barry Walters is Clinical Associate Professor of Obstetric Medicine at the King Edward Hospital in Perth. He has proposed a baby levy or carbon tax for larger families. His ideas have attracted many negative responses. But what he is saying has merit. Below is an extract of his writings.

Every family choosing to ...

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Meat, Dairy and Rice

When it comes to saving water, showering with a bucket or using grey water on the garden are little more than token “feel good” gestures.

Studies by authoritative bodies such as Sydney University, CSIRO and the Australian Conservation Foundation suggest that 15,000 – 50,000 litres of water are needed for animal feed and meat processing to produce just 1 kg of beef, depending on where and how the livestock is reared.

Statistics suggest that the dairy industry may consume similar, or even ...

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Lawyers For Forests

Over 100 lawyers have joined a new group that aims to end woodchipping and the logging of old-growth forests in Victoria, and overhaul the entire management of the state’s forests. The group was launched by the Federal Court’s Justice Murray Wilcox in Melbourne in mid-May.

The Lawyers For Forests group joins the Doctors, Liberals and Vets as professional groups opposed to government destruction of forests. President of the group, Lucy Turner, said the emergence of the group shows the strength of ...

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