The global trend is seeing native forests cut down to be burnt in electricity furnaces and termed ‘renewable power’. This further damages climate, natural carbon stores and our forests and wildlife.

Clean Energy Finance Corporation lobbying for wood-fired power to replace coal

Throwing forests into furnaces to supposedly help our climate has been the dream of the native forest logging industry for years. First our governments and the CEFC are coal-captured and now logger-captured.

No. It’s definately NOT carbon neutral. A shame this story repeated the lie that burning forests reduces emissions. It is in fact THREE TIMES more polluting per unit of energy than coal! But we are not hearing a lot of truth or science on this topic when ...

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Will forest shredders stop fires?

Putting VicForests as the overseer of these trials has discredited the trial’s integrity right from the start.

Trials are currently underway to assess ‘mechanical fuel reduction’ in our public forests. The details are sketchy but seem to be based on a US practice of using heavy machinery with mulching/shredding capacity to run through native forests turning everything in the lower and mid story into mulch or shredded material. ...

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‘Carbon neutral’ forest resource grab: A corporate detour in climate change race

The Coalition Government can’t resist the logging industry, subsidising the destruction of forests as “carbon neutral” at the expense of pesky wind, solar or other annoying competitors, writes Frances Pike.

SUBSTITUTING wood biomass, burning it with coal and calling it “renewable energy”, just because trees regrow, doesn’t make it carbon neutral.

Instantly, the combustion emits carbon.

Logging to supply the furnaces destroys forest ecosystems.

Living, they absorb and store exponentially more carbon as they mature, through ever spreading canopies, bigger trunks and branches, and ...

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Green Credentials of Burning Forest Biomass for Energy Demolished by New, Independent Chatham House Report

Findings: Subsidized wood power plants actually emit more carbon than burning coal

An important new report issued overnight in London has demolished the assumption that forest biomass should be considered a carbon-neutral source of energy. This has major implications for climate policy in Australia, where native forest biomass energy was controversially included into the Renewable Energy Target.

The report from the respected independent think tank Chatham House, the Royal Institute of International Affairs, says that:

The assumption that forest biomass should be considered ...

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Biomass subsidies ‘not fit for purpose’, says Chatham House

Subsidies should end for many types of biomass, a new Chatham House report argues, because they are failing to help cut greenhouse gas emissions.

The report adds that policymakers should tighten up accounting rules to ensure the full extent of biomass emissions are included.

The analysis outlines how policies intended to boost the use of biomass are in many cases “not fit for purpose” because they are inadvertently increasing emissions by often ignoring emissions from burning wood in power stations and failing ...

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Most wood energy schemes are a ‘disaster’ for climate change

There has been rapid growth in the use of wood chips and pellets for generating electricity

Using wood pellets to generate low-carbon electricity is a flawed policy that is speeding up not slowing down climate warming.

That’s according to a new study which says wood is not carbon neutral and emissions from ...

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