Fire management out of control

The protective vegetation of ancient mahogany trees were destroyed as part of planned burn ‘management’. Some of these were hundreds of years old and posed no risk to anyone. Yet no one is accountable for this shameful vandalism.

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Deer management in Victoria

Sambar deer number over 1 million in Victoria. They are extremely destructive of stream sides, rainforests and understorey vegetation.
Comments on the Draft Deer Management Strategy

2nd November 2018

EEG represents 350 members and over 1000 supporters and has been active in the East Gippsland region for 35 years.

Our members have also witnessed a dramatic rise in deer numbers and have experienced the damage. We welcome a state strategy ...

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Malcolm Turnbull caves in to Tasmanian loggers

Last weekend, Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull flew to Launceston for the Tasmanian Liberals’ yearly conference.

Accompanied by Premier Will Hodgman, Turnbull’s first stop was the timber yard of logging company Neville-Smith Forest Products, once a part of the now-fallen Gunns logging empire. Twenty years after John Howard signed the first Regional Forest Agreement with Tasmania, Turnbull was in town to give Tasmania’s loggers all they wanted for the next 20 years and more. There was not a protester in sight.

What a ...

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VicForests agrees to court orders

After EEG launched a 10 month Supreme Court battle, the government’s logging agency VicForests, has agreed to await further surveys and put in place protections for wildlife and plants before logging. The court orders made on 23rd December detail VicForests obligations regarding the high value forests.

It’s great that VicForests has finally agreed to consider the six important values that were discovered in the Kuark forests. In January and February, our lawyers at Environmental Justice Australia asked VicForests to halt logging ...

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Bigger than Brown Mountain!

Our Supreme Court case against VicForests did not settle at court-ordered mediation on 24th August. EEG and our team of excellent lawyers were planning to be back in the Melbourne Supreme Court again on October 26th to again argue the case.

BUT the Court adjourned our case due to ongoing DELWP investigations and VicForests recent disclosure of new documents. We will be heading off to the Melbourne ...

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KUARK – protecting a forest ark

Supreme Court Case

EEG’s history of taking legal action has become legendary. We are now progressing another legal case to protect some of East Gippsland’s most beautiful stands of forest in an area known as the Kuark (koo-ark). This began in January 2016, with a successful injunction to stop logging granted in February 2016 (until the case is finalised). We argue that VicForests failed to properly look for ...

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Obliteration successful at Hensleigh Creek

The old growth and rainforest of Hensleigh Creek was clearfelled by VicForests in 2015-16, then on 10th April 2016, it was finished it off with an intense burn. They call it ‘sustainable management’ … who do they think they are kidding!?!

If you want to express your horror/outrage you can contact the decision makers.

The Premier of Victoria the Hon Daniel Andrews MP –

Minister for Environment, Climate ...

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DELWP to investigate VicForests for logging protected rainforests

For the third time in as many months, a Gippsland-based environmental organisation has blown the whistle on VicForests for logging potentially protected rainforest in the region.

On Thursday, the Goongerah Environment Centre (GECO) announced it had blown the whistle on Victoria’s commercial logging business, VicForests, triggering an investigation by the Department of Environment Land Water and Planning (DELWP).

In a statement released yesterday, GECO stated that its recent surveys in East Gippsland revealed logging had occurred in rainforest ...

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Stripping Tasmania of ancient forests and endangered species habitat fails to gain FSC for Forestry Tasmania

The Bob Brown Foundation will continue to call for secure protection for endangered species and native forests in the wake of Forestry Tasmania’s comprehensive failure to gain Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) certification.

“Forestry Tasmania has failed to gain FSC certification due to their woefully destructive logging practices. These include an ongoing clearfell and burn regime for old growth forests, fundamental failure to assess and monitor rare, threatened and endangered species and inadequate protection of high conservation values. FSC found that Forestry ...

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Forestry Tasmania fails FSC

Fail on key environmental criteria for Forestry Tasmania’s FSC bid – Proposed solutions quite inadequate

Forestry Tasmania has proved completely inadequate in their FSC audit, released today, on key environmental criteria of:

rare and threatened species management – especially the Swift Parrot and Masked Owl, old growth forest logging, and identification and management of high conservation values at both the coupe level and across the landscape they control.

The solutions promoted by Forestry Tasmania to these major non-conformances are totally inadequate, and clearly have not ...

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