VicForests fudges the numbers… again

VicForests has been caught out using very dodgy arithmetic to blame the small endangered Leadbeaters possum for its predicament. These were presented to the VEAC investigation and the Parliamentary enquiry as kosher – and too complicated for the average Joe to understand. But their bamboozling tactics didn’t fool Greens MP Samantha Dunn. VicForests is exposed as crooked managers yet again. ———————————————————————————-


The fiction of “it’s the mill or the possum” stands on dodgy statistics such ...

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Logged forest near Bendoc that didn’t regenerate a ‘major disaster’ says East Gippsland environmentalist

An East Gippsland environmentalist is calling for an investigation into areas of state forest that have failed to regenerate after being logged.

Jill Redwood said there was a parcel of land outside of Bendoc, near the New South Wales border, where there was nothing but dead bracken on land that was logged 11 years ago.

Ms Redwood said State Government data showed there was 10,000 hectares of land across Victoria where trees and plants had not regrown after clear-felling.

“It is going ...

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Cottonwood Range – showcase of cataclysmic clearing

Cottonwood Range near Bendoc - regeneration failure

When the GECO crew scouted the Cottonwood range near Bendoc they found old growth forest is being logged 1km from this appallingly bad logged site.  It was logged 11 years previously. Their photograph shows it had its earlier wattle regrowth scalped back to bare earth in the hope of coaxing eucalypts back first, but has been rendered a barren landscape devoid of anything but dead bracken.  

Even more ...

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Minister regurgitates VicForests propaganda?

One of the arguments often put forward in support of native forest logging is that all forest logged is subsequently regenerated. Even if this were true, and we know that it’s not, it is fatuous to pretend that regenerating forest provides the same ecological opportunities to Australian wildlife as more complex, mature forest that existed before it was logged.

The process of regeneration and the assessment of whether it has been satisfactorily conducted has always been a complex issue. Too complex, ...

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VicForests financial report come fairy-tale 2012-13

Another creatively written Annual Report for VicForests (2012-13) was presented to parliament in mid-October and it verges more towards fantasy than a serious commercial look at their performance.

Steve Meacher from Healesville Environment Watch has done an analysis of the report and also compared it with their stated Corporate Plan in 2011, with the actual performance in the following year. It shows that they did not make the expected income from sales even though the reported amount was cleverly boosted ...

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Logging is “100% natural”

Isn’t it reassuring to know our forests are bulldozed, chainsawed and burnt in a 100% natural way – no artificial colours or flavours.


100 percent natural

                               *image above from VicForests media release – (5/3/13)

We wonder what their “100% natural” napalm is made of,  polystyrene and benzine or naphthenic acid and palmitic acid?

Central Highlands aerial burn

VicForests is a sad bunch of losers desperate for a good message to ...

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VicForests bungle exposed

This is a little complex but it basically shows that VicForests excel in stuffing up. Public forests are vested in VicForests for a number of years while it gets around to clearfelling them and then afterwards while it oversees the supposed regeneration of them. This can take years – and of course costs them many thousands to regenerate each area.

In late October the Victorian Government forced VicForests to take back responsibility for 1,500 hectares of logged forest that it had ...

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Latest logging audit spin

How can an audit that has found environmental breaches on almost all the coupes checked possibly end up with a result of 93% compliance?The latest audit of logging in Victoria’s forests will leave many environmentalists convinced that these Audits are totally worthless exercises that have done nothing to protect biodiversity in our forests. One of the reasons for the audit result is that around half of the things checked by the auditors are checks to make sure paperwork has been ...

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Baillieu govt rewards VicForests for bad management

VicForests has again been given aid of almost $1.3 million to clean up degraded clearfelled public forests that should have been rehabilitated and paid for by VicForests years ago.

“What other business has made a loss every year yet is rewarded by millions of dollars of tax payers money to keep going?” asked Jill Redwood of Environment East Gippsland.

“VicForests has claimed for years that they are regenerating all of the clearfelled forests they are ...

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Post-logging burns and Greenhouse

There are 200 tonnes of tree remains and biomass burnt per hectare in a logged forest, that equals about 730 tonnes of CO2 equivalent greenhouse gases.

survey rd regen burn East Gippsland

Survey Rd ‘regeneration’ burn East Gippsland

The average car emits 6 tonnes a year. A peer reviewed scientific study shows that around 1000 tonnes of greenhouse gases are emitted for one hectare logged ...

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