Government awards itself a silver medal for its logging mess

The damning results of the Environment Protection Authority audit of logging practices in East Gippsland was released in January. Never daunted by criticism, the DSE crowed about its ‘continuous improvement’! The results show a worsening of adherence to many environmental protection codes – not an improvement.

In past internal DSE audits, loggers and foresters scored poorly on such things as marking of reserved areas, road construction, log landing/snig track rehabilitation and waterway buffer protection. Recommendations for improvements were made, but the ...

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Long overdue regeneration report released

In 1996 the Department of Sustainability and Environment (DSE) provided figures to the public about its ‘success’ of growing back trees after forests are ravaged by clearfelling. Seven years on and DSE has released a new report to the public.

This report covers regeneration attempts during the period 1993/94-1996/97 and has been delayed for years while DSE tried to sort out problems with its data and produce some credible figures for a change.

Mind you, when we complained about the quality of ...

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100% partly or fully rehabilitated

For several years, NRE has been making available to the public a summary of its audit of the Code of Forest Practices (environmental guidelines to adhere to while ripping down ancient forests). NRE must hope that people will be left with the feeling that our forests are in the best possible hands – and that no one would bother to analyse their data. Ha!

The most recently released Compliance Audit was published last year and looks at a sample of 54 ...

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