The logging industry and its lobbyists have been using ‘creative spin’ for years to cover up the destruction of wildlife, the cost to tax-payers, environmental damage, water loss and so on. The below are just a small sample of their many deliberately erroneous claims which are designed to confuse or placate the public. “Greenies tell lies” was their all time classic as a giant log truck sticker.

Polishing the turd – the RFA make-over

The lack of credible science, the use of flawed data and the systemic violation of environmental laws is clearly DELWP’s and VicForests’ weaknesses in the public’s eye. Their strategy to continue appeasing the logging industry for another 20 years is already a crooked process for a devious and destructive outcome.

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East coast Australia, the new Amazon

Deforestation on Victoria’s Matlock Plateau – incorrectly termed ‘sustainable logging’. 

Australia’s east coast has been compared to the Amazon as a “deforestation front”. WWF’s The Living Planet report, produced every second year for the past 20 years, says global populations of vertebrate species have declined 60% since 1970. But koala numbers have disappeared at a much faster rate – more than 20% ...

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Despite finding timber giant awash in stolen wood, FSC allows certification to continue

WASHINGTON, DC – A scathing investigation report released today by the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) details systematic illegal timber sourcing by one of Europe’s largest timber processors, the Austrian firm Holzindustrie Schweighofer. FSC’s 110-page report, produced by a panel of experts over nearly one year, states that Schweighofer “developed a culture” that incentivized illegal timber sourcing by putting cheap wood above legality in their sourcing of logs in Romania. FSC’s Board of Directors refused to accept the panel’s recommendation that ...

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Just who should be certified?

AUTHOR Jared Diamond, in his groundbreaking 2005 book Collapse: How Societies Choose to Fail or Survive, has a small seven or eight-page section on the creation and development of the Forest Stewardship Council in the early 1990s, and its progress to 2003-2004.

He concludes that: “The effectiveness of the Forest Stewardship Council has received the ultimate compliment from logging companies opposed to it: they have set up their own competing certification organisations with weaker standards ‚Ķ It ...

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Forestry Tasmania fails FSC

Fail on key environmental criteria for Forestry Tasmania’s FSC bid – Proposed solutions quite inadequate

Forestry Tasmania has proved completely inadequate in their FSC audit, released today, on key environmental criteria of:

rare and threatened species management – especially the Swift Parrot and Masked Owl, old growth forest logging, and identification and management of high conservation values at both the coupe level and across the landscape they control.

The solutions promoted by Forestry Tasmania to these major non-conformances are totally inadequate, and clearly have not ...

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Stripping Tasmania of ancient forests and endangered species habitat fails to gain FSC for Forestry Tasmania

The Bob Brown Foundation will continue to call for secure protection for endangered species and native forests in the wake of Forestry Tasmania’s comprehensive failure to gain Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) certification.

“Forestry Tasmania has failed to gain FSC certification due to their woefully destructive logging practices. These include an ongoing clearfell and burn regime for old growth forests, fundamental failure to assess and monitor rare, threatened and endangered species and inadequate protection of high conservation values. FSC found that Forestry ...

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Forestry industry behind 76pc woodchip export jump, ‘not Tasmanian Government’, Greens say

Tasmania’s forestry industry, and not the State Government, can claim credit for a significant jump in woodchip exports over the past 12 months, the Opposition and the Greens have said.

The industry is emerging from years of turmoil and decline, with new operators like Forico taking over woodchip mills closed when timber giant Gunns collapsed.

Forico is a subsidiary of investment management company New Forests.

Tasmanian woodchip exports have ...

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A long way to go for Forestry Tasmania’s FSC bid environment groups warn

The very issues that Markets For Change, the Bob Brown Foundation and the Tasmanian Conservation Trust documented and took FSC auditors to see in the field are those that have been identified as the key impediments to Forestry Tasmania achieving FSC certification, revealed today in a Government Business Enterprises Estimates Committee hearing in Hobart.

Forestry Tasmania has not gained FSC certification due to their ongoing clearfelling of old growth forests, logging of threatened species ...

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