Will the Government restore once healthy forests?

Logged forests are not growing back

Both government politicians and their funded logging monopoly VicForests, have for years claimed that forests grow back after being clearfelled. We wish it were true.

Those that do struggle back become single aged, more uniform ‘tree farms’. They are no longer healthy biodiverse forests. The other 30-50% have become weed infested scrub or bracken fields.

The government ministers know that the size of the problem is now as large as this shameful lie; its propaganda of ‘sustainability’ and ‘it all grows back’. After an appalling 20 years of forest destruction, the state Labor Government decided that VicForests’ illegal logging was too much of a liability, so made the call in May 2023 to close its logging agency down.

VicForests is walking away leaving a legacy of devastated, once-forested public land. It is the tax-payer that will now have to pick up the tab. This government, or the next, have a massive responsibility to restore these vast areas of public land.

This research document below has quantified the size of the problem.

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