Cobb Hill rainforests on the Errinundra Plateau were the protected rainforest in a legal challenge that EEG took against VicForests. Our case was successful and VicForests logging plans were altered across a dozen other rainforest sites.

VicForests avoids Supreme Court – agrees not to log rainforest sites

In November 2012 – VicForests avoided being taken to the Supreme Court a third time by environment groups in an out of court settlement.  This follows the case against VicForests planned logging of protected rainforest coming to an agreed end in the Supreme Court today.

VicForests agreed to protect 9 areas in nationally significant rainforest sites in East Gippsland. 

The out of court settlement means that VicForests agreed to no logging at three forest areas and to modify their logging boundaries in ...

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VicForests – serial defendants to environmental cases

VicForests is becoming a familiar defendant in the Victorian Supreme Court. In late 2010 the Court found it guilty of intending to illegally log an old growth forest near Brown Mountain that supports protected rare and endangered wildlife. Now they are again in the same court defending their actions to destroy Victoria’s faunal emblem, the endangered Leadbeater’s possum. On March 30th the Orbost Magistrates’ Court is hearing a criminal case against illegal rainforest logging by VicForests. In April, they will ...

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Rainforest court case set for November

Rainforest National Site of SignificanceEEG has again been forced to sue VicForests in the Supreme Court over their logging of a protected rainforest buffer at Cobb Hill on the Errinundra Plateua.

All National Rainforest Sites of Significance are protected under the Flora and Fauna Guarantee Act.

These areas must be protected by law. The case was set to be heard in April but after we discovered many more ...

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Rainforest case – logging ban extended to January

Rainforest National Site of SignificanceIn December, VicForests sent logging contractors into a very controversial stand of forests – a National Rainforest Site of Significance. Our appeals to VicForest and DSE to pull logging machines out of course were ignored, and police arrested people protesting at the site.

The law states that areas designated as Sites of Significance for rainforests at a National level will be fully protected. ...

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