Polishing the turd – the RFA make-over

The lack of credible science, the use of flawed data and the systemic violation of environmental laws is clearly DELWP’s and VicForests’ weaknesses in the public’s eye. Their strategy to continue appeasing the logging industry for another 20 years is already a crooked process for a devious and destructive outcome.

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VicForests loots public property

VicForests’ illegal logging has surfaced again – this time taking a leaf out of Indonesian and Malaysian logging operations – going where they have no permission to destroy.

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Threatened Greater Gliders killed for firewood

Stony Creek clearfelled Glider habitat in the Mt Alfred state forests NW of Bairnsdale.

Our sister organisation, Gippsland Environment Group (GEG) has documented the clear failure of the Minister for the Environment Lily D’Ambrosio and her department (DELWP) to protect Greater Gliders and their critical habitat in the foothills north-west of Bairnsdale. This despite knowing of their presence for over a year. What ...

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Budget Estimates reveal government ‘assistance’ provided for Eden chip mill

Repairs to the Eden chip mill are under renewed scrutiny, with Minister for Primary Industries, Lands and Water Niall Blair admitting in the Budget Estimates review that “a range of [government] assistance” is being provided to Allied Natural Wood Exports.

Last week, ANWE general manager Jarrod Wallis advised the Eden Magnet that the mill was “funding the repair work without government assistance”, which was confirmed by Member for Bega Andrew Constance.

But with the release of the Budget Estimates, forestry campaigner Harriet ...

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Brickworks political donation interests extend to native forest burning and logging

Brickworks owns the largest mill in East Gippsland. It is a dodgy company which makes large political donations and has huge influence over the Liberal Party. It was mentioned in the NSW ICAC inquiry into corruption. It played a big part in pushing to have the logging and incineration of native forest logs in electricity generators to be defined as ‘renewable’ and therefore collect subsidies or credits for doing so.

Auswest Brodribb Mill

The Greens ...

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The world’s forests will collapse if we don’t learn to say ‘no”

An alarming new study has shown that the world’s forests are not only disappearing rapidly, but that areas of “core forest”, remote interior areas critical for disturbance-sensitive wildlife and ecological processes, are vanishing even faster.

Core forests are disappearing because a tsunami of new roads, dams, power lines, pipelines and other infrastructure is rapidly slicing into the world’s last wild places, opening them up like a flayed fish to deforestation, fragmentation, poaching and other destructive activities.

Most vulnerable of all are forests ...

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Letting it burn so they can earn

For years people have been witnessing what seems like the deliberate prolonging of bushfires. Right back to the 90s up until now, a new agenda has created these monster fires.

Many of them are due to planned burns that just happen to escape on the weekend when no one is patrolling – a-la Wilson’s Prom. Other instances of deliberate perpetuation of a fire comes directly from CFA vollies and govt crew, where they are told to push a burning log across ...

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New UN report finds almost no industry profitable if environmental costs were included

If you haven’t been paying attention, I don’t blame you for at first not believing this. After all, companies go to great lengths to greenwash their image and present themselves as progressive and environmentally responsible, even while they turn your land to deserts and your oceans into dead zones. Unfortunately, as Mark Twain once famously said: “It’s easier to fool people than to convince them that they have been fooled.”

Pollution in the water

The truth is ...

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