National Park logging crime FOI exempt

In February, when the Snowy National Park was illegally logged during the bush fires, we immediately put in a Freedom Of Information request for all relevant documents, to determine how this could have happened.

We asked for:

a.. Incident Management Log, b.. Any assessments done of Park values and significant trees, before clearing c.. Maps, log volumes and where logs went, d.. Daily incident plans, e.. Written orders that were given from head office, and so on.

Stalling tactics

For five months we were exhaustively mucked around by ...

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Snowy National Park Logging – update

Last issue’s front page story was of the needless logging of a 70 km swathe through the Snowy National Park during the January fires ­ under the direction of a logging company boss seconded into the Department to help with fire fighting management. He was put in charge of this back burn line.

Findings from an internal investigation, due out in late March/early April now sits on the Minister’s desk. By the time you receive this Potoroo, it may have been ...

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Loggers pirate Snowy Park during fires

The opportunistic logging of a 70 km slice of the Snowy River National Park in late February outraged more than just environment groups. The normally compliant Department of Sustainability and Environment (DSE) is so disgusted by this shameless act of vandalism, it is carrying out an investigation.

The plan was to brush up an almost adequate control line from which to back-burn ahead of the eastern fire front. The job was given to a familiar private logging company CEO, and industry ...

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The Commonwealth helps destroy our Common Wealth

Did you know that the Commonwealth Bank has a 17% share-holding in Gunns? Gunns is the largest woodchipper of hardwood forests in the world, destroying Tasmanias old growth at a rate of knots. So the Commonwealth Bank is effectively responsible for about one sixth of the export woodchipping, clearfelling, burning, poisoning and old growth logging carried out by this woodchip giant. If you have your money with this mob, you might like to change your bank and let them know ...

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