The logging industry and its lobbyists have been using ‘creative spin’ for years to cover up the destruction of wildlife, the cost to tax-payers, environmental damage, water loss and so on. The below are just a small sample of their many deliberately erroneous claims which are designed to confuse or placate the public. “Greenies tell lies” was their all time classic as a giant log truck sticker.

VicForests to delay FSC audit

‎VicForests‬ has abandoned its sham attempt to gain a green tick for their logging practices under the International Forest Stewarship Council (FSC) label. It had a snowball’s hope in hell before but now the Federal Govt has decalred the ‪‎Leadbeaters‬ Possum critically endangered, it’s more like a snowflakes hope in hell.VicForests has said…”Following the listing of the Leadbeater’s Possum as critically endangered, (we) made the decision to delay undergoing an audit … it would be premature to go ahead … ...

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Montana Mill – FSC

MONTANA mill at Nowa Nowa employs up to 8 people. They produce sawn timber, floor boards, recycle some timber and supply durable timbers for heavy construction like wharves and bridges.

FirewoodThey also have mountains of docked firewood and rely on ‘waste’ to sell as woodchips. They have a Montrose office and mill near Melbourne as well. For their small recycled component they gained a Chain of Custody FSC certificate. ...

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Eco-timber certification label loses eco-credibility

An East Gippsland sawmill is in the process of applying for the very same timber certification label that has been condemned by environment groups across the country this week, after the logging of WA’s 600 year old Karri forests was given a ‘green tick’.

The Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) is a global timber certifying body which outsources the inspection of forest logging operations. The auditors measure a number of criteria to ensure the wood is obtained in a socially and environmentally ...

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Certification for WA logging agency a grave error

The Australian Conservation Foundation has called for the international Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) to withdraw environmental certification awarded to Western Australia’s state logging agency and launch an investigation into how it was issued.

The environmental tick of approval was granted by UK auditing firm Soil Association despite evidence from environmental stakeholders that WA’s Forest Products Commission continues to log old growth Karri forests which are habitat for threatened fauna including Red-tailed Black Cockatoos, Mainland Quokkas and Western Quolls (or Chuditch).

This is ...

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FSC undermined by backing logging of 600-year-old trees

One of the giant trees subject to logging in the now-FSC-certified Northcliffe forest.The standards of the world’s leading timber certifying body, the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC), are being questioned after one of its British auditors gave an environmental tick of approval to log forests containing 600-year-old trees in Western Australia.

The WA Government’s logging agency, the Forest Products Commission (FPC), has secured ...

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Room for Improvement

just making some room for improvement

VicForests has a snowball’s hope in hell of gaining the green tick of approval from the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC), an international wood certification body.

It had a preliminary audit carried out on its logging management and it failed dismally. This didn’t stop it from claiming in a media release that the auditors recognised the wonderful job they do (!?)

Several media outlets ...

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Audit criticises VicForests application for FSC rating

VicForests needs to ”significantly” improve its care of the state’s forests if it wants international accreditation of its timber products, according to an unflattering audit.

VicForests, a Victorian government-owned business, is seeking certification from the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC), based in Germany, to demonstrate that its harvesting of the state’s timber is sustainable, ethical, and protects natural forest. FSC accreditation is widely recognised in the paper and printing industries and would allow VicForests to more effectively market its products to environmentally-conscious ...

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VicForests attempts to influence global wood sustainability group

VicForests, as we all know, is ruthless in its logging management and in its pursuit of access to our forests. Despite its markets shrinking and despite its customers demanding a sustainable certification tick, VicForests is pushing ahead. It is pursuing an eco-label for its wood and has been a controversial member of the international Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) for the last 7 years.

VicForests’ membership goes against FSC requirements “that members support FSC’s mission and/or demonstrate compliance with FSC’s Principles and ...

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Good news! – Boral woodchips bite the dust!

Boral, the logging and woodchipping baddy of Northern NSW has just announced it will be stopping woodchipping at the end of June, selling up its woodchipping business and exit sections of its sawn timber business.

Boral bites the dust


The reason it gave was because of “…the strength of the Australian dollar and associated high volume of imports, combined with low levels of demand and high manufacturing costs, are ...

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VicForests tries to green itself!

VicForests is currently trying to go for the more credible FSC ‘eco-certification’ for it’s logging; not a snowball’s hope in hell many think. But VF is inviting comments and the independent auditors are wanting to consult with enviro-groups. Please don’t participate just yet! Enviro groups are forming a united front so the old trick of picking each group off one at a time can’t be tried again (as they did in NSW and WA).Please contact us if you want to ...

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