VicForests to delay FSC audit

VicForests‬ has abandoned its sham attempt to gain a green tick for their logging practices under the International Forest Stewarship Council (FSC) label. It had a snowball’s hope in hell before but now the Federal Govt has decalred the ‪‎Leadbeaters‬ Possum critically endangered, it’s more like a snowflakes hope in hell.
VicForests has said…”Following the listing of the Leadbeater’s Possum as critically endangered, (we) made the decision to delay undergoing an audit … it would be premature to go ahead … (need) more time to understand the important role VicForests … play in … recovery of the Possum … remain committed to seeking FSC certification …
VicForests is a dead man walking. Time to stop plundering forests, the public’s million$ and feeding the Andrews government with lies.

Read VicForests media release at–15%29.pdf

or if the document is no longer avalable here

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