Forest biomass = BIO-MASSACRE

Massive opposition to Lib-Labs’ plan to burn forests for energy

Both the Coalition and Labor parties support introducing the burning of our forests in electricity furnaces to generate power. This is far more polluting per unit of energy than burning coal. It would also destroy hundreds of years of safely stored carbon as forests are clearfelled to the ground. Burning forests would see the loss of many other essential ecosystem services that forests provide us with.

At a time when forests are one of the world’s most effective climate moderators, our major political parties want to escalate the destruction.

Eighty national and state non-government organisations, five political parties and a cross section of independent MPs have signed a National Position Statement against cutting down native forests to use as bioenergy.
This has been organised by the
Australian Forests and Climate Alliance .

The very simple document which explains the issues clearly can be accessed here.
Position Statement Against Forest Bioenergy

The AFCA media release is below:

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