Hollow effort VicForests

In the 50 years since Leadbeaters possum was rediscovered, logging has destroyed more than 50% of the forests that were the possums habitat. Leadbeaters possum now lives in an area in the Central Highlands that has about 25 million trees.

In their latest cynical publicity stunt, Vicforests have created artificial hollows in 78 of these trees or 0.0003% of the trees in the LBP habitat area. To gullible Governments, this might make it look like they are finally doing something about LBP. And they are. They are ramping up the PR campaign so that logging can continue and plans to establish the Great Forest National Park are put on hold.

Since this latest scam was revealed, it is rumoured that Nathan Trushell is so embarrassed that he is now hiding in a wombat burrow.


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