Caswell wants industry to be loved

Trish Caswell has had been well briefed since she joined the Victorian Association of Forest Industries in April. In an interview on ABC radio (30th July) she parroted the exact same industry rhetoric we’ve heard for decades: the need for ‘sustainability’, no job losses, that it’s better to log our forests than poorer countries’ forests, we all use paper so we have no option, the need to value add, and so on.

The old ‘compromise’ line was dressed up in new ...

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Herald Sun deploys WMD

An investigation by the Potoroo Review has found Melbourne’s Herald Sun deploying WMD (Wanton Media Deceptions). This time their WMDs were discovered to be a couple of grubby little articles that tried to link a number of unrelated crimes to forest campaigners in the Central Highlands. It’s just another example of logging industry inspired propaganda of the sort that’s likely to become more frequent in the lead up to the next Federal election.

‘Green guerrillas’

During winter, the Herald Sun ran several ...

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“ecoSelect” eco-selection or eco-deception

This deceptive new brand invented by a desperate old industry is claiming environmentally friendly credentials while still clearfelling.

Part of the eco-Select propaganda shows a dainty cello player singing a forest to sleep. But next morning the loggers come along and wipe it off the face of the earth (that’s the bit they don’t show). Or a glamorous woman adjusting her jewellery on a bedroom suite with a backdrop of a beautiful forest – before it was logged for a few ...

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Logging Industry desperate for a hand

Neville Smith Timber Industry or NSTI, is a name we should all take note of. It’s based in Heyfield, Central Gippsland and is painting itself as ‘forest friendly’.

NSTI are involved in:

    Ads depicting beautiful forests, furniture and musical instruments, implying native forests don’t suffer a broken twig in their making.     Investment in Tasmania where they could soon be part of plans to burn forests for power, or/and export woodchipping.     Sponsoring Environment Day Awards.     Setting up stalls at sustainability fairs.

Asking green ...

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Ministers launch rubber stamp – “Australian Forestry Standard”

State and commonwealth ministers were lured in to launch a new “Australian Forestry Standard” (AFS) rubber stamp last October. The stamp certifies plundered native forest products. The tick of approval tries to reassure buyers that their timber is environmentally ticketty – boo.

No logging operation anywhere will have to change its plunderous ways to get this tick either. It will approve logging old growth forests and rainforests, endangered species habitat, logging that causes soil erosion, stream turbidity and weed invasion.

Hopefully concerned ...

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In a six week frenzy of destruction, during March and April, four coupes totaling 90 hectares of Goolengooks best forest were clearfelled. It is estimated to have cost the police and NRE up to $2 million to carry out the operation. The royalty gained from the destruction of these timeless forests was a piddling $100,000.

Seventy eight people were arrested during that time mostly on the very questionable charge of willful trespass. This will soon be challenged in court. Despite the ...

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Logging cut-back – con job

Don’t be deluded, the latest logging ‘cut-backs’ are little more than a huge spin-doctoring excercise. It’s business-as-usual for the big boys with a few small players out of the show. Not one tree will be saved. Their slight reduction in the small end of the industry doesn’t mean a reduction in area, it’s just a slight reduction in the time it will take to obliterate our forests. There’s a few hidden nasties in there too.

The government did a neat job ...

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