$7 million to industry dressed as ‘public safety’

hulk truck

How’s this little gem from the state budget –

“The Government will provide $7 million over two years to remove trees destroyed by previous bushfires and help improve the safety for people who access public land. This program will focus on the Alpine and Mountain Ash forest areas in eastern Victoria.”


This has never been a problem in the past and there are dead trees still standing strong and ...

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Logging is “100% natural”

Isn’t it reassuring to know our forests are bulldozed, chainsawed and burnt in a 100% natural way – no artificial colours or flavours.


100 percent natural

                               *image above from VicForests media release – (5/3/13)

We wonder what their “100% natural” napalm is made of,  polystyrene and benzine or naphthenic acid and palmitic acid?

Central Highlands aerial burn

VicForests is a sad bunch of losers desperate for a good message to ...

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Vicforests gets special treatment from government

The recently released report from the Auditor General on the State’s finances again raises questions about why VicForests was not required to pay a dividend again this year.

The report shows how the State Government demanded most Government businesses like Melbourne Water and other water authorities were all squeezed for additional dividend payments to help prop up the Government’s “surplus”. The fact that VicForests ...

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VicForests has admitted it has “stainability credentials”

stainability credentials

These are their new credentials from leaving a nasty stain on the environment.

The paragraph on the left there is from their CEO’s intro in the Sustainability Report 2012 – just released. It’s chocka with lies and PR spin.

They really are desperate for a bit of ‘social license’

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VicForests locks fire safety access road – for “Public safety”

VicForests up yours!Just days before the DSE attended a workshop on public safety, they approved VicForests lock and gate two major fire access roads – favoring the logging industry over and above public safety.

There was no notification to the CFA brigade. These roads provide major access to the west for the local community – the most dangerous direction for fire threats. Call outs to the western side ...

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VicForests – Government protected welfare cheats.

OK – it goes like this – VicForests haven’t made a cracker since they started operations in 2004. In 2008 they put $127 million through their books and the expenses were $132 million = $5M loss. But they were given a $5.7M handout to cut down ash forests in the fire areas (not all this ash was burnt from several accounts). So they claimed they made a half million profit.

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Timber industry’s new gold standard for forest surveys

The timber industry is touting a new study by Forestry Tasmania as a “landmark study” that they are using to argue that logging does not have a detrimental effect on biodiversity. The study was conducted in Tasmania’s Southern Forests Experimental Forest Landscape (SFEFL), a 112,000 Ha area west of Geeveston. Although the report has been heavily promoted by the timber industry, it is not a peer reviewed scientific report and was funded by a timber industry lobby group ...

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VicForests’ sham ‘science’

VicForests set up a project that a student of Creswick’s school of logging undertook. The outcome was extraordinarily predictable. An employee of VicForests, Abby Carmichael placed infrared cameras in unlogged and regenerating logged forest.

The cameras detected more bush rats in regrowth and we assume less of other species. The report is not publicly available so we can’t analyse the results.But the headline breakthrough news is that ‘native species ...

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Planet Ark replies with logging industry spin

Many of our supporters who recently wrote to Planet Ark about its support of logging native forests http://environmentaledge.com.au/wood/ received a fairly patronizing response.

Planet Ark has been sucked in to the logging lobby groups’ spin and regurgitated this back at us. It was unfortunate they never asked for a briefing from green groups or forest campaigners, but simply swallowed the logging industry spin. Planet Ark claims that if HCV and old growth are protected the rest can be logged, ...

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VicForests compares apples with Jerusalem artichokes.

VicForest foresters and PR men always like to present their ‘facts’ as unquestionable science and anyone who dares question them are blasphemers.Well – get a load of their latest ‘home brand’ fact sheet on logging. VicForests are proudly peddling this small two page glossy on their homepage and it’s a truly amazing mishmash of statistics and a skewed analysis of logging in East Gippsland.

Three sizes to try on

For starters, VicForests is utterly befuddled about what area they are ‘factising’ about. ...

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