Managing Victoria’s Native Forest Timber Resources

This audit examined whether Victoria’s native forest timber resources on public land are being managed productively and sustainably.

The Department of Environment and Primary Industries (DEPI), VicForests and the Department of Treasury and Finance are managing the timber resources in a productive way that delivers socio-economic benefits to regional communities. VicForests has demonstrated that its commercial decisions balance the need for
long-term economic returns with the need to support a sustainable industry.

DEPI and VicForests demonstrate many environmentally, socially and economically sustainable practices in managing Victoria’s native forest timber resources. However, DEPI is not effectively delivering its approach to protect forest values, and needs to improve the way it documents decisions affecting where harvesting can occur. VicForests can further improve the way it estimates the sustainable harvest level.

It is not clear whether the agencies have made suitable progress or achieved the desired outcomes in sustainably managing the timber resources—such as protecting endangered species from harvesting impacts—because DEPI has not had the measures, monitoring and data to do this. It has recognised this issue and is addressing it.

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