The global trend is seeing native forests cut down to be burnt in electricity furnaces and termed ‘renewable power’. This further damages climate, natural carbon stores and our forests and wildlife.

Forest Furnaces still in limbo – Still Urgent.

Tony Windsor has publicly stated he won’t be voting for the Oakeshott motion to burn forests for power – thanks to all of you who emailed and called as per our last ‘call for action’. BUT …

…as a result of a peculiarity in the way Government works, the motion to call native forest furnace electricity ‘renewable energy’, has been sneakily placed on the ‘non-controversial’ list. That means that unless the Labor Government decides to force a vote, within days this ...

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AUSTRALIAN native forest is being woodchipped to be burned in Japan.

Japanese power stations are burning NSW forests to create energy. The Japanese Government is forcing their coal-fired power stations to replace 10-20 per cent of coal supply with “biomass”. They’re also burning the ‘waste; from the tsunami damage. Boral Timber executive general manager Bryan Tisher said Boral had sold a mix of plantation and native forest woodchips to Japanese power stations to be burned. “We’ve done some trials through those stations. “It was a precursor to a tender for three-year ...

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Wood waste energy plan thwarted

Biomass equals BiomassacreThe Gunns mill at Heyfield in Gippsland was sold to a consortium of new owners recently. It is called ASH (Australian Sustainable Hardwoods) and remains Australia’s largest hardwood timber mill. In mid-July it was complaining that it can’t gain financial credits to burn its ‘waste’ to generate ‘renewable’ electricity profitably, thanks to the Greens.

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judgeNSW group South East Forest Rescue (SEFR) has successfully won a case to prevent the operation of a wood pellet plant in Eden by the woodchip exporter SEFE (South East Fibre Export). SEFE is 100% Japanese owned by Nippon Paper and Itochu and export over a million tonnes of woodchips a year. The new plan was to produce wood pellets to fuel wood-fired electricity plants. The wood was ...

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Are you burning possums with your toast?

Kosher power companies to buy from

Wondering which power company you should change to now that well soon have a choice? Environment Victoria sent out questionnaires to all Victorian power companies asking if they intend to use forest waste to burn as part of their mandatory 2% renewables target. They received replies from only four. The NSW Conservation Council did the same and between them, received written commitments from six companies that have a policy against the use of native forest ...

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Tree looter turns biomass spruiker

If you or I were to thieve $1Million of native forest logs while being paid to protect a community from one of the biggest fires of the decade, shouldn’t we end up behind bars?

This was the case as detailed in the article “Tree lopper turns up as biomass spruiker” in the Age on 27th Sept 2011.

This logging industry spokesperson was caught out and sacked, but never paid the price of his shameless pillaging.

Now, as a consultant, Garry Squires is lobbying ...

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World’s forests – from paper to power supply

The threat of turning forests into furnace fodder for electricity isn’t going away. The emerging new market for selling biomass pellets as fuel for power generation is Korea. So says a well-known global logging consultancy group Pöyry Management Consulting Inc. It also believes Europe is an upcoming market and also Japan is now looking for alternatives to nuclear. The US is already on the wood pellets bandwagon and set to ship its forests as biomass pellets to Europe’s electricity ...

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Felling forests for paper… to felling forests for power

The NSW Eden woodchip mill exports over a million tonnes of woodchips every year. East Gippsland’s forests account for almost half of this. The declining export woodchip industry is now transitioning – from rendering our forests into tiny chips to make pulp and paper products, to now making tiny fuel pellets to power furnaces.

In mid June, the Nippon owned export woodchip plant at Eden (South East Fibre Exports) was given the OK by the Bega Valley Council to build and ...

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Forests Not Fuel

Burning  Trees for Energy Increases Carbon  Pollution and Destroys Our Forests
Forests cover 30 percent of the Earth’s surface. They purify our air and water, control soil erosion, foster biodiversity, serve as habitat for wildlife, and provide us with places to hike, fish, hunt, camp, and enjoy undisturbed environments. Forests also serve as carbon “sinks,” absorbing and storing vast amounts of carbon, making them one of our bestdefenses against global warming. In the U.S., we rely on the expansion ...

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Biomass burning

Forests have come out well in this Energy Future scheme (called the Carbon Tax) thanks to the public and a deal done by the Greens to exclude burning forests for power to be termed ‘renewable energy’. Several of these plans for forest furnaces now won’t be able to claim Renewable Energy Credits (RECs). This will tip the scale to make burning forests for electricity economically unviable. However there’s still the possibility that the SEFE woodchip mill at Eden will push ...

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