Tree looter turns biomass spruiker

If you or I were to thieve $1Million of native forest logs while being paid to protect a community from one of the biggest fires of the decade, shouldn’t we end up behind bars?

This was the case as detailed in the article “Tree lopper turns up as biomass spruiker” in the Age on 27th Sept 2011.

This logging industry spokesperson was caught out and sacked, but never paid the price of his shameless pillaging.

Now, as a consultant, Garry Squires is lobbying governments for more public money to loot more public forests to burn in furnaces to generate electricity. Our lungs of the land, our greatest carbon stores and air purifiers, burnt to power our air conditioners – oh, and create a job for the boy/s.

The mafia couldn’t get away with a better plan.

Though as one campaigner said these blokes getting excited over a new industry that will burn our forests for biomass, need to look at some of the pellet and power generation projects around the country that are stalled at the moment. These are more economic than logging native forests, and unlike burning native forests, would qualify for Renewable Energy Certificates, making their project more economically viable.

The BIG industry!

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