The global trend is seeing native forests cut down to be burnt in electricity furnaces and termed ‘renewable power’. This further damages climate, natural carbon stores and our forests and wildlife.

Native Forest Wood Fired Power Stations in Australia

Changes to the federal government’s MRET (Mandatory Renewable Energy Target) legislation in 2009 mean that companies can now accrue Renewable Energy Certificates by burning native forest wood as power.

The first application for a 5MW wood-fired power plant by South East Forest Exports (SEFE nee Diashowa woodchip mill), at Eden, is now before the NSW state government. If approved, the plant will accrue Renewable Energy Certificates for producing energy from the cutting down and burning of our native forests – the ...

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Take action – No Forest Furnaces

A forest is not a furnace

Design by Paul Kimbrell

You can help cement in Australia’s power companies’ commitment NOT to accept electricity that has been generated from burning native forests. They need to hear from customers early on in this proposal phase. They would be risking their credibility if they accept power obtained from burning our forests and a public boycott of their company is ...

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Vic Premier Brumby puts forest furnaces back on the agenda

In a controversial forest policy backflip, the Victorian Brumby government released its revised Timber Industry Strategy in December 2009 that includes the archaic plan to burn native forests for power generation.

The revised TIS includes ‘a proposal to allow the use of forest residues for power generation’. The plan claims only ‘forest residue’ will be used, but 85% of native forest logged in Victoria ends up as woodchip, waste and sawdust. Woodchipping drives the logging of our native forests. Burning forests ...

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No forest furnaces!

The burning of our native forests to generate electricity (to power our air conditioners!) is being supported by the Liberals and ALP and assisted by State and Federal legislation. This will be the next major threat our forests face.For more information visit

Don't burn our homes

no forest furnace


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Burning native forests for power

The Victorian government has released a draft strategy for the future of the Forestry industry which includes lifting the current ban on burning native forests to burn as renewable energy and increasing timber contracts from ten to twenty years. These measures would undermine efforts to transform the logging industry into a climate-positive, value-adding, innovative, job-creating industry.

A study released by ANU last year estimated that if we were to leave the native forests of South-east Australia and allow them to reach ...

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Burning desires

The next big battle for Australia’s south east forests is to stop NSW’s Eden chipmill from burning woodchip logs to make electricity. Exchange rates are pricing their woodchips out of international woodchip markets, so plans are now afoot to create a “forest furnace”. It hopes to burn so-called “waste” for power and call it “renewable”.

Formerly called Diashowa, the SEFE mill has announced that by 2009 it intends to start generating power just to supply the town of Eden (hoping to ...

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Biofuel push a mistake

The European Union’s target of ensuring 10% of petrol and diesel comes from renewable sources by 2020 is not an effective way to curb carbon emissions. Australia must also avoid this path as a ‘solution’ to our increasing CO2 .

A team of UK-based scientists suggested that reforestation and habitat protection was a better option. Writing in the magazine Science, they said that, given the same area of land, forests could absorb up to nine times more CO2 than the production ...

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Brumby turbo charges global warming

Non-Renewable Fully-Renewable cartoonThe Victorian Renewables Bill allows the clearfelling of native forests to burn for ‘renewable’ energy. A Greens amendment to prevent this was defeated on the 9th of August when Labor, Liberal and National MPs voted to allow native forests to be thrown into furnaces.

Greens MLC, Greg Barber, said that in the run-up to the 2002 election, the state government promised that native forest wood must ...

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Green Power or Green Wash?

Burning forests for power – back on agenda

If Mr Bracks wants to increase drought and weather extremes in the state, he’s doing a great job, but they’ll need an army of spin doctors to sell this latest one to the public. The Bracks government is again planning to generate power by burning Victoria’s native forests.

In 2002, ALP policy prohibited the burning of native forests for power generation. More than ever, forests are now acknowledged as critical carbon stores and soaks, ...

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Pasta fuel

In the never-ending search for new and innovative ways to make a buck from our native forests, one enterprising shipping company decided to try sending a load of Gippsland and WA woodchips to Italy for fuelling a biomass-burning electricity plant.

After enquiries, we were told that it was a financial disaster and they lost out very badly. This isn’t surprising, considering it’s not viable to cart chips any distance within Australia for the same purpose.

The idea of exporting forests to help ...

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