Take action – No Forest Furnaces

A forest is not a furnace

Design by Paul Kimbrell

You can help cement in Australia’s power companies’ commitment NOT to accept electricity that has been generated from burning native forests. They need to hear from customers early on in this proposal phase. They would be risking their credibility if they accept power obtained from burning our forests and a public boycott of their company is a very real threat. The details are available to download in PDF format.

>Victorian Power Retailers
>NSW Power Retailers
>QLD WA ACT Power Retailers

You could ask them:

If you can get a clear ‘no’ from them on this last one we’ll place them on the forest friendly power companies list to promote. Can you please let us know what their responses are. Send to eeg@nulleastgippsland.net.au Thanks

  1. If they could commit to NOT accepting any power from wholesalers who generate their electricity from the so-called ‘renewable’ source of burning so-called ‘waste’ from native forests.
  2. If they don’t include it in their premium Green Power, RECS or MRET schemes, would they still buy this nasty stuff (say during times of high bulk market prices), and sell it at a profit to ‘generic’ customers on the standard tariff?


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