World’s forests – from paper to power supply

The threat of turning forests into furnace fodder for electricity isn’t going away. The emerging new market for selling biomass pellets as fuel for power generation is Korea. So says a well-known global logging consultancy group Pöyry Management Consulting Inc. It also believes Europe is an upcoming market and also Japan is now looking for alternatives to nuclear. The US is already on the wood pellets bandwagon and set to ship its forests as biomass pellets to Europe’s electricity generation furnaces.

Currently, Malaysia, Canada and Chile are supplying biomass pellets to Korea, and demand is expected to grow rapidly.

This information came from a US biomass conference in early September that was organized by the newly-formed U.S. Industrial Pellet Association. It’s geared toward upping the sale of wood pellets for burning right across the globe and shifting the world’s forest to the world’s electricity furnaces while raking in more profits to influence (buy?) world governments to clear the path for this ‘emerging market’.


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