This small step in the direction of finding a win-win solution was hijacked by the bullies within the F part of the CFMEU.

VicForests – Tactical hooliganism


In an act described as “tactical hooliganism” VicForests’ contractors started logging a stand of contentious high value forest NW of the Errinundra National Park last week. They had previously agreed not to log this site while the Premier’s Forest Taskforce negotiations were underway.

“We see this as a flashpoint in the process” said Jill Redwood of Environment East Gippsland. “VicForests knows full well that industry and environment group negotiations are at a critical point of finalising an important document”.

“We have ...

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Victorian Forest taskforce

This Daniel Andrews-devised industry/enviro groups roundtable is progressing. The first agreed ‘Statement of Intent’ report was due to be presented to the government by the end of June but that’s now been pushed out by 2-3 weeks. These delays mean more trees fall meanwhile.  

It was set up as a compromise with the CFMEU which pushed back hard against the Great Forest National Park proposal last year. The Taskforce is an attempt to bring Victoria’s logging industry, union and enviro ...

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Is Victoria’s native forestry industry worth it at $5 million a job?

The viability of Victoria’s government-owned native forestry business has been thrown into doubt by a high-level analysis concluding it takes more than $5 million of investment in roads, machinery and equipment to create a single timber job.

 A confidential report by accounting firm PricewaterhouseCoopers warns VicForests is “not generating an appropriate return” to meet its stated objectives, including maximising its contribution to the economy and well-being of Victoria.

Central Highlands carbon storage worth more than logging

The Andrews government is considering creating a new national park in the central highlands. Photo: Justin McManus

Victoria’s Central Highlands’ forests would potentially generate more income for the state if they were permanently preserved to store carbon rather than logged, according to a major study.

A detailed analysis using a United Nations’ system of environmental and economic accounting ...

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The good guys gazump the bad this time!

The Bad news is that VicForests continues to clearfell in ecologically valuable forests which have barely had an adequate survey or none at all. This means VicForests continue, as always, to destroy rare wildlife, rainforest, giant trees and critical habitat.

The Good news is that the surveyors from GECO again found a massive breach of the law by VicForests and managed to halt the logging. VicForests had sent their logging ...

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Summer legal actions stop VicForests in its (bulldozer) tracks

On three occasions between mid-December 2015 and early February 2016, EEG has been forced to engage lawyers from Environment Justice Australia . We believe VicForests is consistently not taking its legal obligations regarding environmental protection seriously and Minister Neville’s Environment Department is yet to to take action. Keep reading for more details of our most recent legal adventures …


Bellman/Jacks Rd forest

The first action saw VicForests pull out ...

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VicForests stops logging after legal action


Just one day after lawyers presented a ‘please explain’ letter to the CEO of VicForests, logging has been stopped and machinery will be pulled out of a high habitat value stand of forest where tree felling had commenced, north east of Orbost. 

“We believe the logging that took place was unlawful but appreciate VicForests now suspending operations” said Jill Redwood. “Although VicForests deny there were any breaches of the law, they have decided not to continue logging here in order ...

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VicForests stops logging 24 hours after EEG legal action!

Just one day after our lawyers presented a ‘please explain’ letter to the CEO of VicForests (see our media release), logging has been stopped and machinery will be pulled out of a high habitat value stand of forest where tree felling had commenced, north east of Orbost.

We believe the logging was unlawful – VicForests didn’t, but we’re pleased logging has now been suspended.VicForests decided not to continue ...

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Forest Industry Taskforce gets under way

The VNPA’s Matt Ruchel reports on the State Government’s plan to reach community consensus on forest management.

A week before the Andrews Government celebrated its first year in office, the Premier released the Terms of Reference for the long-awaited Forest Industry Taskforce.These Terms are the starter’s gun for discussions to begin on the future of state forests in Victoria’s east, and the future of the timber industry.According to Premier Daniel Andrews: “The Taskforce will work to reach consensus about the future ...

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