VicForests stops logging 24 hours after EEG legal action!

Just one day after our lawyers presented a ‘please explain’ letter to the CEO of VicForests (see our media release), logging has been stopped and machinery will be pulled out of a high habitat value stand of forest where tree felling had commenced, north east of Orbost.

We believe the logging was unlawful – VicForests didn’t, but we’re pleased logging has now been suspended.
VicForests decided not to continue logging they said, in order to assist the State Government’s Forest Industry Taskforce. This is currently considering deferral of logging in controversial areas of high conservation value. The Taskforce is considering future issues facing the industry and protection of the State’s flora and fauna.

We’re heartened to see VicForests cooperation in this instance, but we’ve also made them aware of other areas of high quality habitat planned for imminent logging. We believe these need to be surveyed as well.

VicForests operations will be closely scrutinised for the next 6 months or more.

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