VicForests – Tactical hooliganism


In an act described as “tactical hooliganism” VicForests’ contractors started logging a stand of contentious high value forest NW of the Errinundra National Park last week. They had previously agreed not to log this site while the Premier’s Forest Taskforce negotiations were underway.

“We see this as a flashpoint in the process” said Jill Redwood of Environment East Gippsland. “VicForests knows full well that industry and environment group negotiations are at a critical point of finalising an important document”.

“We have to question if this provocative move is designed to undermine the Taskforce and further delay agreed outcomes”.

“VicForests has showed little goodwill and performs as if its purpose is to sabotage the process. They should never have gone into this deferred forest and should therefore cover any costs associated with compensating and/or moving the logging crew,” she added. “Claiming there is no other area to log is admitting their so-called sustainable logging has run out of forest”.

Conservation groups have written to Premier Dan Andrews calling on him to use his authority to stop the clearfelling of this planned logging area so the taskforce can regain “clear air” to complete its work formulating an agreed plan for the future of Victoria’s native forests.

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