VicForests – losers in all regards

VicForests a dead lossIf VicForests was a private company it’d be financially (as well as morally) bankrupt. VicForests’ 2012-13 Annual Report is out. A small ‘profit’ was made this year – as a result of not having to pay big legal bills they said, but still no dividend paid to the public (government) for their use of, or more correctly – obliteration of, public property.

Us ‘anti forestry’ groups are just ‘wasting hundreds of thousands of tax-payers dollars’ their media release claimed (EEG gets a special mention ). But let’s ignore the fact that VicForests has cost tax-payers $22 million since it began operations. And ignore the fact that if it didn’t illegally log rainforest and threatened wildlife habitat all the time, they wouldn’t be taken to court.

Last year VicForests promised a $1.2 million dividend to the public purse but ended up paying zilch. Next year they promise us $250,000. If they keep this promise, that’s just $50 for every hectare of wildlife-filled forest, carbon storage, water production and clean air they destroy.

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