Trish Caswell steps aside

The new Victorian Association of Forest Industries’ head is Philip Dalidakis. He’s not a Trish Caswell style environmentalist turned logging lobbyist, but was senior advisor to State Minister for Major Projects, Industry and Trade, Theo Theophanos, until taking this position in November.

Interesting to keep in mind that Theophanos is a huge fan of burning forests for electricity. Even after Bracks made it clear in the lead up to the 2002 state election, that it wasn’t on, his office kept lobbying for it. Dalidakis now showing up with VAFI makes it clear where he’s coming from and what he’ll be pushing. Given the rise of climate awareness and alarm, he’ll be pushing it uphill. But it’s the logger barons’ last hope to keep brutalising and profiteering from our forests. Besides his connections with the ALP, we’re not sure what lobbying talent this guy has.

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