Brumby fails on environment

A report card on the Brumby Government’s progress of its environmental promises was released in early December 2007. It shows they can put a lot more effort into their work.

Half of the Victorian Government’s environmental promises before the 2006 election have been broken or are at risk of being broken.
The analysis is backed by the Victorian National Parks Association, the Australian Conservation Foundation, Friends of the Earth, the Wilderness Society and Greenpeace. It found three pledges had been broken and little or no progress made on another 31.

Broken promises include failing to boost environmental flows to stressed rivers, not immediately protecting 33,500 hectares of old-growth forest and more than half of the state’s climate change pledges were looking unlikely.
The Wilderness Society said more than half of the forest area set down for protection was either unloggable or had already been logged.

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