Goolengook busted!!

At 5am on Tuesday 5th of March 2002 – the five year long blockade of the ancient forest masterpiece called Goolengook was broken up by police and NRE.

Two people remained in a lock-on device and a tree sit, slowing down the legalised vandalism of this area. NRE say they will start logging immediately they clear the rubble. We hear they plan to put three crews in to obliterate the area in super fast time.

This is as provocative as their sending in of bulldozers on World Environment Day in 1997 to start carving up this ancient forest. The Bracks government have had this planned for months – two days after university goes back, and one week after their admission of stuffing up sawlog volumes. This is stirring up a hornets nest all to placate a few unionists and ensure their huge campaign donations from the industry keep coming in.

Forget Garbutt – time to target  Bracks. Let him know you are not conned by any offer of thin strips of river corridor. Call Bracks via 9651 5111 or 9651 8911 – that’s the Parliament House switch. Give him both barrels!

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