Greens and loggers agree

When greens and loggers join forces to try and find solutions, keeping away from government and pollies, it shows that there is no confidence in NRE or Bracks to sort out the mess. The one thing we both agree on is that the NRE are an incompetent lot of dills and the logging industry has had its heyday. It’s time to look at other futures for the region.

The new group formed in Orbost in January has a wide range of community members on it – not just loggers and conservationists. It is called the Orbost and District Community Forum. The logging industry has set up a similar group trying to pretend it’s a broad based task force. They have a token health worker on it and that’s it. Craig Ingram has got himself mixed up with it and is showing typical political ineptness.

Bracks and the Nats

Under the Bracks government, there has been a 60% increase in woodchipping. This shows clear contempt for the environment and the number one environmental issue, forests. As an angry caller said on regional radio recently ­”we just have to look at who donates money to work out why these bastards keep destroying public forests”.

The National Party’s Peter Ryan has suggested we should log Special Protection Zones to make up for the stuff-up by successive governments. Good thinking Pete – then when they’re all clearfelled, we can start on the National Parks. Bracks and Garbutt have both said they’d consider the idea! They need to be told NO right now. So there’s a letter you can write if you have a moment.

It all sounds pretty grim doesn’t it. However, it’s opened up lots of weak spots for us to target. Bracksy is losing favour more every day. And election time is looming.

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