Forests have twice the benefits of solar energy

New research has found that meeting targets to reduce greenhouse gas emissions may rely less on renewable energy than on the forests. As reported in the last Potoroo, forests seem to be the key to meeting Kyoto and post-Kyoto goals for reducing CO2 emissions.

The findings, published in the British journal Energy Policy, could lead to stronger calls for the international community to award carbon credits for forests. These are currently excluded from the main accounting system for greenhouse gases under the UN’s Kyoto Protocol. Why? Because it’s too complicated. It’s not clear enough who has the right to claim the credit.

Pekka Kaupi is Professor of Environmental Science and Policy University of Helsinki is and authored the study which found that forests in the European Union are actually expanding surprisingly fast and are absorbing more than twice the amount of CO2 saved by the use of renewables in the EU.

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