Eagle slaughter

East Gippsland is a relatively rich ‘ark’ for Victoria’s remaining wildlife but these are under threat from many quarters.

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Massive rainforest breach sparks review of enforcement

After the horrendous and blatant destruction of a rainforest area by VicForests in March 2016, government compliance officers dithered and stalled for almost 2 years, and even then, botched the court papers.  The Minister ordered an investigation just months out from the 2018 state election. 

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The legal cases

There are currently two legal cases going on against the government and its logging agency VicForests. They challenge the legitimacy of the RFAs and the legal requirement for more old growth to be protected in reserves.

Yet another legal case is being prepared for a hearing in Melbourne’s Supreme Court in December 2018

The first case concerns the overlogging ...

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Nippon’s Reflex paper mill plans a giant waste incinerator

EEG is challenging the EPA Works Approval to Australia’s giant woodchip and paper mill to build a $500 million waste incinerator.

This is an obscene situation. This paper mill has been responsible for destroying the Central Highlands Mountain and Alpine Ash forests since its establishment in 1938. It has a promise of log supply up until 2030! ...

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VicForests – major certification fail

VicForests has failed a forth time to gain the global forest environmental certification tick. We wonder what other motives they have to continue applying for acceptance when their practices don’t change.

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RFAs need to be terminated

EEG has submitted comments to the farcically late 5 yearly review of RFA (26 Jan 2018). We say they must be terminated.

The Regional Forest Agreements cost us $300 million dollars to pretend the forest battle had been solved by ‘balancing all values’. They have failed on almost every environmental promise, but for 20 years it has allowed the industry to log without fear of federal environmental constraints.

East ...

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EEG submission to RFA renewal plan

The RFA was designed and executed to favour unbridled and unaccountable clearfelling and burning of publicly owned native forests. Now governments want to renew this crime for another 2 decades.

 EEG has once again told the government why the RFA is really Sweet FA. As we and many others have over the last 20 ...

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Council adopts a lose-lose stance on threatened Flying Foxes

The East Gippsland Shire Council (EGSC) appears determined to destroy the roosting site of a colony of the threatened Grey-headed Flying Foxes. This is a major blunder of immense ignorance and bloody mindedness that will likely result in an even bigger problem for the council, possibly with a million dollar ‘fix-it’ bill and an even more threatened, threatened species.

During 2015 and 2016, the colony remained at the ...

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Flying Foxes – an economic ‘golden egg’ for Bairnsdale or a million dollar back-fire?

There could be a win-win solution for the current controversy over the nationally significant colony of Flying Foxes along the Mitchell River, say local environment groups.

A failure if the council proceeds with habitat destruction could cost ratepayers over a million dollars going by other documented failures and the lessons learned. The second stage of habitat removal and dispersal is planned to begin in the next week or two.

Both the Gippsland Environment Group and Environment East Gippsland believe there are a ...

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