Woodchip mill secures Melbourne’s garbage to burn

There was the strong smell of a rat in early October 2020, when the govt announced they’d spend $3.5M to upgrade the rail line to Nippon’s Maryvale woodchip and paper mill in the Latrobe Valley.

Then two weeks later, by coincidence, Nippon announced it will build an industrial garbage incinerator and has secured 150,000 tonnes p.a. of Melbourne’s garbage to burn – with more in their sights.

150,000 tonnes of industrial and domestic waste will be almost impossible to separate out highly toxic or recyclable items.

This overseas company has already had $5M of our taxes for their feasibility study and a $200M public gift in February this year (see below), with very little explanation. Now Nippon says: “Government support will be sought to help fast-track project expenditure …”.

This undermines an emerging recycling industry and a move towards a circular economy. It will also shunt yet more toxic waste into the Latrobe Valley and spew more toxic gasses into the already polluted air in the region.

More details on the proposal, its history and the EEG VCAT appeal here

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