Forests are the largest land based carbon capture and storage devices the planet has, yet are being destroyed globally at an alarming rate. Forests are a major climate moderation solution. All logging of native forests should cease and forest restoration must be a high priority to begin drawing down the hundreds of hears of carbon which is lost when a forest is clearfelled and burnt.

Forests – the climate repair kit

Ending logging is the fastest and cheapest solution to climate change. Logging and forest destruction is now recognised as one of the main causes of climate change. In the next 24 hours, world deforestation will release as much CO2 into the atmosphere as 8 million people flying from London to New York.Climate repair kitAccording to a report published in mid May by an alliance of leading rainforest scientists ...

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How green is your electricity?

With global warming sceptics finally beginning to take their heads out of the increasingly hot sand, attention is shifting to what individuals can do to slow the looming disaster. Buying renewable energy for your home is one option.

‘GreenPower’ is the federal government’s term for electricity generated by accredited renewable energy sources – wind, solar, hydro or biomass. When you buy GreenPower, your supplier agrees to source the amount you nominate from renewable sources, rather than from coal, and feed it ...

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Fewer kids will cool the planet

The subject of limiting population growth is taboo amongst both environment groups and politicians at present – it brings with it thoughts of social control, the one child policy and Big Brother.

But this topic will have to be tackled soon as part of the climate debate. The Optimum Population Trust says that the lifetime emissions of the predicted population increase could far outweigh any energy-saving measures we adopt now. It has estimated that the lifetime CO2 emissions for each person ...

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Undermining renewables

We taxpayers are helping fund the polluting fossil fuel industries to the tune of about $10 billion in annual subsidies, compared with a tiny $330 million to renewable energy. This was revealed in reports released in April by Greenpeace and the Institute for Sustainable Futures.

We are also paying for propaganda on climate change. Instead of the $53 million advertising blitz to green-wash his inaction on planet heating activities, Prime Minister Howard could put that to good use to protect all ...

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Garnaut report acknowledges forests

Penny Wong’s cool response to the Garnaut report could have something to do with her past, which includes working in the Forestry Section of the CFMEU and as an advisor on forests to the NSW government. The Garnaut report is gutsier than we were expecting, but forests still only rate a very small mention.

In the 63 page report, the few mentions of forests are mostly in relation to PNG and Indonesia.Of 19 instances of the word “forest” or “forestry” in ...

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CLIMATE CHANGE, FIRES and LOGGING, a deadly combination for Victoria’s wildlife

Two hundred years ago the Sooty Owl was abundant and fed on 18 ground species of prey in Gippsland. Today they have two or three to choose from. Other wildlife’s ability to thrive is similarly threatened by decades of habitat change.

The conversion of habitat to farmland, decades of mining, logging and grazing, as well as altered fire patterns over the last 200 years has seen many species die out or become extremely rare. This means many once common native animals ...

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Bali Charley!

Bali still dawdles on forests

The December 2007 two-week long meeting of the UN Climate Conference in Bali made a commitment to include emissions from forests as part of the Kyoto Protocol.But for the next four years, there can only be $ rewards in storing carbon in regrowth forest, not forest protection.

Think about that! Yes – rewarded for cutting them down to grow again!

That’s despite worldwide acceptance that clearing forests accounts for 20% of the planet’s human-made greenhouse emissions. ...

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Cutting down forests is good for you

We can expect the logging fraternity and their friends in government to frantically paint themselves as having a major role to play in combating climate change. Joe Helper, the Victorian Minister for Agriculture, said new carbon trading markets and the consequent value given to carbon soaks could be big business for our logging companies.

In March 2007, Minister Helper gave the opening address to a seminar that was sponsored ...

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Climate Change, fires and logging – the deadly combination for Victoria’s species

Two hundred years ago the Sooty owl was abundant and fed on about 18 species of ground prey in Gippsland. Today they have only two or three to chose from. Other species are under similar pressure.

Many of our native animals have become sparser in numbers and their range has shrunk. Some, like the Southern Brown Bandicoot (Federally listed but not State listed), are now isolated in small “island” populations which are dangerously close to extinction mainly due to ...

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CSIRO scientists gagged by greenhouse mafia

So why does the government not go in all guns blazing on climate change like it did in Iraq for regime change? The evidence is clear on the dangers of climate change – unlike the hunch about mythical weapons of mass destruction.

We don’t have to look very far to find the answers. It was recently claimed on the Four Corners program that not only does the fossil fuel lobby have unprecedented access to government departments, but the Greenhouse Mafia even ...

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