Undermining renewables

We taxpayers are helping fund the polluting fossil fuel industries to the tune of about $10 billion in annual subsidies, compared with a tiny $330 million to renewable energy. This was revealed in reports released in April by Greenpeace and the Institute for Sustainable Futures.

We are also paying for propaganda on climate change. Instead of the $53 million advertising blitz to green-wash his inaction on planet heating activities, Prime Minister Howard could put that to good use to protect all remaining forests and fund serious research into renewables.

Origin Energy needed only twice the cost of the propaganda program to scale up their solar SLIVER cell and make it commercial. Instead they may be forced offshore. The propaganda program money could buy 18,000 solar hot water systems.

The push for ‘clean coal’ is a dead end obsession. It’s not technically or financially proven, let alone safe or sustainable.

Jill / Greenpeace

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