After weeks of planning, driving and bushwalking by Environment East Gippsland volunteers about 1,000 ha of the forest at Little Ada River should be protected.

Now that we have a new, oh-so-slightly improved Quoll Action Statement under the Flora and Fauna Guarantee Act, we’ve been organising hair tubing camps to find Quolls. Each quoll in high value habitat, should receive up to 1,000 ha of protected forest around it.

The first quoll ‘hunt’ Liz organised was a huge success. Not only was it great fun with really nice people but the volunteers found a quoll hair in one of the tubes! It was out a total of 123 tubes in three different areas.

After having the hairy tapes analysed by well known poo and hair analyst, Barbara Triggs, the DSE should now protect an area of forest about 1,000 ha for it.

We will be looking for more over March and April and during the Easter Forests Forever Camp.

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