Woo-hoo! – Free to make Oxygen

Result Creek

The Climate Change Authority recently recommended changing the rules so burning forests for electricity could be termed ‘renewable” (with all the associated financial help!), but the Gillard Government has just said no! Huge thanks to The Greens again. This has stymied the industry’s plans to have burning forests take place of woodchipping to keep the logging empire running. Should Abbott get in, this could be reversed immediately, but at least this gives 6 months of no-go for plans to log native forests for power furnaces.

Minister Combet said that in 2011 his government removed burning supposed wood waste for electricity, from being eligible for various renewable energy schemes and financial assistance; and nothing has changed. It was good to hear him clearly state that the amendment was to make sure there was no incentive to cut down and burn native forests that would destroy biodiversity and our carbon stores.


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