What a state we’re in! The State of the Environment report for Victoria

Released in October 2013 the report shows 65% of Victoria’s state forest areas are zoned to be logged. But with unlogged narrow corridors and isolated steep slopes within that zone, it means about 45% can be stripped of its forest and wildlife. Guaranteed though, the entire 65% will be impacted. Here are some other points from the report:

Page 88. “(logging) does affect the vegetation structure and species composition of Victoria’s forests and woodlands. This has implications for biodiversity and habitat availability… The length of (a logging) rotation, which is usually (always) shorter than the normal lifespan of the trees, further disrupts forest vegetation structure and natural succession”.

Page 94. “In 2012, (logging) was permitted in over three-quarters of the State forest area. This includes General Management Zones (2,110,000 hectares, 67% of State forest), and Special Management Zones (275,000 hectares, 9% of State forest)”

This report also says Victoria should change its approach to planned burns as part of efforts to retrieve declining environmental health.

The state’s greenhouse gas emissions rose 12% between 1990 and 2010.

The number of wildlife species under threat has increased in the past five years and the extent and condition of native vegetation is in decline.

The State of the Environment Report can be read at www.ces.vic.gov.au/victorias-environment/state-of-environment-victoria-2009-2013

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