Welfare industry robs the public

Will Napthine hand VicForests $18M from our pockets next year to log East Gippy forests? To destroy this tree VicForests charged us 30 dollars

This is despite their being no market for the bulk of the trees they cut down. The East Gippsland community could do so much more with that money. It could kick start more useful and more healthy, growing sectors – eco-tourism, new agricultural initiatives, fire preparedness …

Are our Gippsland politicians like Garry Blackwood, Danny O’Brien, Peter Ryan and Tim Bull are caught in a time warp from the 70s? The markets have spoken and the show is over.

The below opinion piece from the Herald Sun shows fairly clear evidence of the millions from public taxes that are channelled into logging industry welfare. This is a destructive and shrinking extractive operation that’s now supporting about as many jobs as a jam-making cottage operation might.


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