The top 100 endangered mammals

This global list features some of Gippsland’s very own threatened mammals. The Zoological Society of London calls them EDGE species – Evolutionary Distinct and Globally Endangered mammals.

Coming in at 28 is our Mountain Pygmy Possum – on the edge of its melting alpine habitat. Then there’s the Central Highland’s Leadbeater’s Possum at no. 54, being pushed over the edge by ceaseless logging and DSE’s endless firebreaks. At no. 70 is our Long-footed Potoroo, hanging onto the edge of its forested home as it’s bulldozed down. Then along with many other rare animals, comes the Indian Rhino at 74, African Elephant at 77 and Blue and Fin Whales at 88.

Sadly, only one third of the top 100 EDGE mammals are receiving active conservation attention. The disappearance of these species would also mean the death of an evolutionary history that they represent.

Zoological Society of London

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