The RUDDY budget

We would love to have a reason to praise our governments occasionally. But while the corporate pillagers pull their strings, it won’t happen.

The first Rudd/Swan Budget of 2008 didn’t go anywhere to meet the urgent challenge of climate change. Rudd is spending $44 on defence for every $1 spent to tackle climate change. He’s offered $28 to fossil fuel subsidies for every $1 to climate change. The farce they call “clean coal” is being given $2 for every $1 for research into renewables . On top of that, the funds to run the Department of Environment have been cut by $50 million from last year. Mr Rudd has also favoured road transport and coal export infrastructure above rail and non-road transport.

Why have successive governments never been able to control the fossil fuel industry? Maybe because it is a major lobby group with plenty of buying power.

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