Tell Canberra that Australian Paper is Bloody UnAustralian

Until mid-2015 the Commonwealth of Australia had a progressive policy to ensure all of the paper it sourced was 100% post-consumer recycled. So no native forests would be chopped down to supply paper to the Fed Govt in Canberra.
Tony Abbott and Barnaby Joyce put an end to that and now the blood-stained Reflex paper can be used. Australian Paper which makes Reflex sources its woodchip pulp from VicForests. It clearfells and burns the tall wet forest from the Central Highlands. This is where the critically endangered Leadbeater’s Possum lives.
Now, Senator Nick Xenophon, on May 1, put forward a motion that all electoral voting papers be produced on paper made from these rich forests.

Sign the petition and help to convince the Federal government and the Australian Electoral Commission that using post-consumer recycled paper is the way forward.

The production of woodchips for pulp and paper is the largest driver of forest destruction in Australia. Australian Paper, maker of Reflex, (owned by the Japanese entity Nippon Paper) is the largest domestic purchaser of pulplogs from Victoria’s native forests.


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