Review of government burn targets

Lonnie - the long nosed potorooThere will be a review of the 5% burn target, with the report delivered by the end of March (6 weeks)! 

The Minister’s media release says:

“The review will examine a risk-based approach to bushfire fuel management against the existing hectare-based performance target program. The Inspector-General for Emergency Management has been asked to deliver his report by the end of March 2015

“The review will not affect the Department’s planned burning program for 2014-2015. It will begin a process to develop an evidence-based approach to reducing the risk of fire…

The IGEM (review guy) may provide recommendations on complementary performance measures for fuel management on public land, but will not provide advice on a recommended target.”

The ecological damage and destruction to wildlife that this politically driven 370,000ha pa target is causing is atrocious and inexcusable. The evidence that such burns do nothing to slow the calibre of bushfire the government is trying to deal with, is also reason that a review is needed and a logical new way of making people and property safe adopted. 

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