Rent a politician – who runs this country?

Figures released by the Electoral Commission show the usual donations from the usual logging crowd to their usual political floosies. The CFMEU has apparently not yet submitted most of its returns, so it’s too early to say whether this union retains its position as pre-eminent woodchipping benefactor of the Labor Party. However, there is a mob called Forestry 2000 that has its address near Trades Hall. They donated over $5,000 to the ALP.

Once again Harris Daishowa/ South East Fibre Exporters is getting a free ride. It hasn’t donated anything for years – well, not under it’s own name at least. It is suspected that many companies avoid being listed as donors by getting money to political parties via other means and under other names.

ALP National
Amcor Limited MELB $25,000.00 Boral Ltd SYD $8,000.00 =$33,000

Lib National
Amcor Limited $45,000.00 Boral Ltd $8,000.00 =$53,000

Nats National
Amcor $10,000.00

Boral gave the ALP and Libs in NSW $5,000 each.

The ALP in Tasmania was gifted $50,890 by Gunns but the Libs mustn’t have been good enough boys and girls and were only gifted $1,560.

Amcor $10,000.00
Boral $3,100.00
Forestry 2000 $5,250
CFMEU Pulp & Paper Branch, $8,230.64 =$28,580.64

Lib Vic
Boral $3,100.00
Neville Smith $29,000.00 =$32,100.00

Neville Smith Mill from Heyfield gave the Nats $12,000 in Victoria but despite them being best buddies with Bracks, nothing was listed as a direct donation.

Harriet / Jill

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