PM’s supposed destitute brother illegally chops down trees on $6 million property

Prime Minister John Howard with brother Stan Howard in 2001. Photo: Paul Harris]You probably remember the story of Stan Howard, the PM’s brother, and the company on which he was a board member when it went belly up, owing tens of millions of dollars to its workers. You probably recall how the PM himself bailed him out, whilst thousands of other workers at Ansett and other companies had to go it alone, losing their lifetimes entitlements. What you probably don’t know is that the financially destitute Stan Howard and his wife recently purchased two properties worth over $6 million in the NSW southern highlands. Unfortunately for Stan, the 70 odd trees that he got contractors to clear from his property are actually endangered and he faces charges of jail or a large fine if found guilty. We wonder how the PM will dig his brother out of this one?


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